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Updated: May 4, 2020

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What do do when you find out you're losing your hair

The news that you are going to Loose your hair from chemotherapy, can be emotionally devastating.

Many patients undergoing chemotherapy will be facing this fact.

Most feel overwhelmed, confused and anxious .

They look at their oncologist for answers.

Many of them including member of their staff will usually recommend a studio like ours that specializes in hair loss.

Today I like to discuss what happens from that moment.

The oncologist will write a prescription for a Medical hair prosthesis,

The Staff will recommend or make available a list of providers, where they can bring their prescription and receive their new hair.

The patient calls to make an appointment.

Hi my name is Ms Smith, i have been recently diagnosed with cancer and my doctor told me, I will be experiencing , partial or total hair loss.

He has provided me with a cranial hair prosthesis prescription .

I would like to come in and see the different options that you have available . DO YOU TAKE A PRESCRIPTION?

Many of this patients are under the impression that by bringing that prescription, they will receive a free wig or cranial hair prosthesis. This is not the case.

What a prescription for a cranial hair prosthesis does.

1) It will make your purchase , sales tax exempt.

2) Your prescription, along with a paid receipt that includes the store information and federal ID number can be summited to your Insurance company for partial or full reimbursement. ( see your policy details)

3) Should your insurance company refund you a portion of your payment for the prosthesis, usually what you personally contribute to that payment can be a tax deduction under the medical prosthesis provision. ( please ask your tax advisor on this matter.

I hope I was able to help clarify some of the misunderstanding that you are facing while shopping for a cranial hair prosthesis.

W are always available to answer any other questions and concerns that you may have.

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