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Our studio is designed to provide a  comfortable social distancing environment Our UV disinfectant technology provides safety and peace of mind  to the client and staff.

About The Wig Gallery


Vincent Fabi


Since 1974, Fabi Of Rome and World Hair Systems, has provided non surgical hair restoration services for men and women. In the mid 1980s we where the first hair replacement company to provide certified hair extensions and hair elongation services in Connecticut. We also provided clients experiencing alopecia and medical hair loss, high quality wigs, and cranial hair prosthesis. We included our expert design and cutting techniques with natural looking styling results.


In 2006, we moved to our present location in Wethersfield Ct. Our new studio occupied 3,300 sq.Ft of floor space in our newly purchased 13,000 sq. ft professional building. our space incorporates 3 different divisions in 2015 the first Wig Gallery of Wethersfield opened its doors. In 2019 The new Wig Gallery of Wethersfield at Tampa Bay was opened to the public .All our divisions offer the highest quality products ,with expert designs.




We provide Complete hair restoration services for women. We also provide expert cutting and styling for alopecia and medical wigs and hair prosthesis. All of our clients have special needs. Some have thinning hair, others experience complete natural or medical induced hair loss, and many have chemically damaged hair from using harsh colors and perms. All of this types of hair loss can easily be remedied. It’s not a dream anymore. Our complete dedication to Women hair restoration ,will deliver peace of mind and a beautiful new head of hair.




A new beautiful facilities that exposes the beauty of our  FABI's private wig collection. Our chemo and alopecia hair loss clients can now explore all the  latest styles of our extensive collection. They can see  and feel the different options and styles available to them.




After 45 years of service to the beauty and hair loss community, we are constantly growing and improving our services and products ,to better serve you, our friend and client.


Vincent J. Fabi


As a leader in the hair loss industry for the past 42 years, we continue to grow through our value added philosophy centered around 3 key objectives. To provide affordable hair loss treatment programs for all stages of hair loss, from thinning to natural and medical hair loss. With a full Gallery of  custom and non custom, human, synthetic, cyber hair wigs and cranial prosthesis. Our Gallery features the  highest quality, comfort,  and the latest designs for the Alopecia, chemo and radiation patient .

To provide a comfortable setting for consultation, evaluation and treatment.To meet each client's personal appearance goals based on their individual needs.

​From clinical treatments to non-surgical corrections regardless of the treatment program that's right for you. At the new WIG GALLERY Wethersfield, a div. of Fabi of Rome ,you'll discover why we say, "You'll not only see the difference you'll feel the difference."

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The spirit of supreme quality, design, knowledge and compassion has been our tradition for the past 42 years.


The Wig Gallery of Wethersfield
Wethersfield, CT


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Suite 203
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