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Our studio is designed to provide a  comfortable social distancing environment Our UV disinfectant technology provides safety and peace of mind  to the client and staff.


Women experience balding

In the past decade we have noticed more and more women experiencing balding. One can only question why. Society has put an increase demand on women, how they deal with stress can take a toll on their immune system.


I am no doctor, however dermatologist have attributed that women experiencing balding, from many different reasons, can be helped with medical prescribed therapies. This different therapies often can take time. Many women experiencing balding or thinning hair want and need hair now.

We at The Wig Gallery offer immediate non surgical hair restoration solutions. 


We have extensive knowledge and expertise in this field. Among the many solutions, one of them is women hair toppers. Not all women’s hair toppers are created equal. The quality of human hair used in making woman’s hair topper is of extreme importance. The application of this high quality human hair must be done by the best and most experienced hair ventilators.


 This combination of quality production, combined with the expertise of a hair topper stylist and designer can make all the difference in the world. A beautifully designed hair topper can deliver, confidence and piece of mind to women’s experiencing thinning and balding. We at The Wig Gallery are ready to help. Contact us here.


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