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Clients Reviews.

  • I was told that I was going to lose some of my hair due to radiation, and losing my hair was my absolute nightmare. With some research from my friends and family The Wig Gallery of Wethersfield was were I went to solve this problem.

    I met with the owner Vincent who immediately made me feel comfortable and positive in this not so positive time. We first thought that applying extensions was the way to go, but I ended up loosing more hair than I had expected.


    Vincent then recommended that I get a partial hair prosthesis.... and boy am I glad he did. It blends in beautifully with my own hair and you would never know that it wasn't my own hair and you would never know that it wasn't my own hair.


    I highly recommend Vincent and The Wig Gallery of Wethersfield.

    Kelly Cekovsky

  • Dear Vincent.


    I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the genuine care and outstanding customer service that you provided to my mother. The entire appointment was beyond my expectations.

    What I anticipated to be a painful and stressful process turned into a very pleasant experience. You listened to my mother, gave her useful advice and information and showed tremendous sensitivity. She was able to make an informed decision and purchase a wig that makes her look and feel wonderful.


    Thank you for treating my mom with the dignity and respect that someone facing hair loss deserves. Your over forty years of experience is priceless! We will continue to visit your salon in the future, as well as recommend it to others.




    Jean M. Weisbrod

  • Hello Vincent 

    The following is my recommendation, Ever since I began wearing my wig from The Wig gallery of Wethersfield, so many people told me they could not believe was wearing a wig.


    My cardiologist said to me that I was lucky I did not loose my hair during chemotherapy and was very surprised when I told her I was wearing a wig.


    Sincerely ,

    Vera R.

  • Dear Vincent

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for me in this past year.


    I was Diagnosed with breast cancer in January of 2015 and had a double mastectomy in April, 2015. I started chemo in June and knew at the time that I would loose my Hair. My husband and I began a search for a wig and our first stop was Fabi Of Rome- we did not go any further.


    When we met you, your concern and compassion made us confirm that we had found someone who was Knowledgeable and who had the products that we needed for this journey.

    You assisted us that day in making a most difficult decision with unending support. When the time came to finalize the hair loss process, you were there again with the time and dignity that made the most difficult day bearable.


    You have been there each time I needed to have the wig cleaned and always spent the time assisting me in the care and styling. My wig is now a year old and I will soon be transitioning to my own hair growing back. The wig looks as good today as it did the day I picked it up last June.

    The quality of your products is oustanding!


    I still get compliments on my " hair" and a shocked response when I tell someone that this is a wig - they can't believe it looks so real!!! That is a real testament to you and your products.

    I will recommend Fabi Of Rome and you to anyone who is going thru this process. I cannot express my gratitude to you enough. The service you provide to cancer patients is excellent and  I will never forget this part of my Journey and guidance.

    Thank you for all you do!!!

    Barbara L.

  • I went to Vincent for a cranial prostheses ( wig ) due to alopecia from chemotherapy. Vincent was very Knowledgeable and gave me great advice during a very stressful time. When it was time to cut and style the wig (which included shaving off all the hair I had ) he was very compassionate and kind. Vincent made sure I had the cut and style that I wanted for the wig.

    He went out of his way to make me feel comfortable that day and truly appreciate his genuine Kindness and concern.


    I am looking forward to ending my treatments and returning for extensions.​ From the first moment to the last, my experience at The Wig Gallery was exemplary. The owner Vincent made me feel welcome and had an understanding not only of how personal the experience of getting a wig can be, but also had a true understanding of wigs as an art form.


    He expertly guided me through choosing a wig, shaving  my head (as I am losing my hair due to chemo treatments) and cutting / styling the wig to my liking.


    With the FREE three month maintenance that the Wig Gallery offers after purchase, my wig will be taken care of nearly the entire time I am going through chemo.


    I felt so pampered it made the experience of loosing my hair less of a loss! Best of all, I left with a gorgeous wig that is so natural looking . I would highly recommend the Wig gallery and all of the services that it offers.

    Heather Lindsay.​

  • "Breast cancer! Lose my hair! are you kidding me? What does one do when they first hear this??? Well I cried a bit,and then Knew that wasn"t going to get me anywhere... but really!!! I had to pick up the pieces and move forward strong! That very afternoon I called my Hairdresser and asked for advice on wig shopping... she is an amazing lady and I just knew she would point in the right direction. I honestley didn"t Know where to start!


    Without hesitation she recommended me to The Wig Gallery of Wethersfield...Fabi OF Rome. I checked their website... curiosity definitely peeked, and called them the very next day. I made an appointment for that morning... and met with the owner, Vincent Fabi. He was just the dose of medicineI needed!


    Extremely Knowledgeable, beautiful selections of wigs,all price ranges very helpful with color selecting and style.


    He totally made me feel special!


    I actually went backa week later and purchased a second wig. With the total price comes 6 visits to wash and freshen them up. That in it self is comforting... they are beautiful quality and I want someone who knows how to keep them looking the way the do now, forever! Well today was the big day! I no longer have my own hair... but love my new look. Very exciting moment... not crying anymore! I wish this type of TLC to all of you experiencing hair Loss. Just an amazing Experience." 


  • "Today was my first experience at Fabi of Rome, The Wig Gallery, and I have to say that my life changed fiscally and emotionally. I am fighting  Lupis flare since February and was loosing my hair. It was very uncomfortable and I was getting a little depressed after all that.  After reading so many great reviews , I decided to go and visit Fabi Of Rome. I saw Vincent and he is great ! Very professional, respectful and he really knows what he is doing. After a consultation, he helped me picked a fabulous natural wig. He cut the hair that I had left, and I left the office feeling totally different. He took the time to talk to me and explain me the options, no pressure at all ! It was easy for me to made a decision. seeing that I could trust his knowledge and in his 42 years experience.

    I am looking forward to go back and visit him for my wig follow up. Thank you so much Vincent at Fabi of Rome, The Wig Gallery."


    Yari Rivera

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  • Women hair loss, Wigs, Toppers, best wig stores in Ct., best wig store, Chemo wigs, Alopecia Wigs, W
  • Women hair loss, Wigs, Toppers, best wig stores in Ct., best wig store, Chemo wigs, Alopecia Wigs, W

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