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Buying Wigs Online Vs Buying In Person

Updated: May 4, 2020

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Buying Wigs online vs. Buying in person

Buying Wigs Online Vs Buying In Person

Online shopping is the wave of the future. Thanks to the internet we can now buy anything from furniture to food instantly. However, there are some products that should rarely (if ever) be bought online.

Shopping for wigs online can be easy and quick, but really risky. Many of our customers have told us that they were able to find wigs that look somewhat like ours for cheaper online, but were sorely disappointed when the product arrived.

Buying Online

Pro: You Might Save A Few Bucks

Online products are almost always cheaper than their in-store counterparts.

Con: The Products Come With Zero Additional Services

Online wigs don't come with additional services such as professional consultations, briefings about wig construction, and unique wig sizing. These additional services can often mean the difference between you winding up with a chic, fashionable hairstyle or a cheap-looking hair mop.

Con: There's No Way To Determine The Product's Quality Until It Arrives

When you buy online, the only thing you see before you get the wig is the picture that the seller uploads to their ecommerce site. Pictures don't tell you important facts about the wig, such as the hair density, the sturdiness of the construction, the quality of hair, the actual hair blends used to produce the wig. How the wig really looks, and most importantly, how the wig really looks on you. Finally not all Wigs are created equal.

Buying In Person

Pro: You Get To Talk To A Professional

Matching the correct wig to each person's unique face is an intricate task that our stylists have trained years for. When you buy a wig in person, you get the benefit of a highly trained professional who will work with you to find the wig that's perfect for you. When you buy online...all you get is a half dozen poorly lit pictures.

Con: It Might Not Be As Convenient

You will have to come to the store in order to buy a wig. But the time you spend with a professional designer and the extra time that it takes to evaluate the best options is well worth it. You'll actually get to try before you buy .

Pro: You Get To See and Feel The Product Before You Buy It

Online retailers often sell products that we wouldn't allow within 100 feet of our store. Many of the online wigs we've seen couldn't pass manufacturing quality control, or were cheap dupes of wigs we stocked. The worst instance was a wig that couldn't survive one single wash. It literally fell apart.

Instead of wasting your time and eventually being disappointed by online wig shops, contact us today!

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