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Wigs for Women

Updated: May 4, 2020

Vincent Fabi, Owner, The Wig Gallery

Many women experiencing hair loss, tell me how overwhelmed they feel when it comes time to purchase a wig or a cranial prosthesis. I tend to agree with them, the range in price, quality, and styles can literally make your head spin.

Let's look at the different options available.

Quality; I will use a Diamond as a metaphor to explain quality. We all know that diamonds quality and price are rated by cut, color, inclusions, and finally weight. This components drive also the cost of this precious stones.

We know that a 2 carat diamond weight with minimal inclusions, great color and a perfect cut is much more expensive than the 2 karat diamond with many inclusions, average color and average cut. lower quality, lower price.

Wigs quality work the same way as the above diamond metaphor.

A best quality wig is all hand tied construction , the weight is very minimal in order to provide more comfort to the wearer, if the wig is made of human hair, the manufacturers uses the best full cuticle one direction, Remi hair, this hair can be European, middle eastern, or Indian hair, one must know the different blends.

A trusted professional can advise you on the best blend and cost.

Quality of synthetic fibers are also important . many are this fibers and many are the blends, from heat resistant to a very low quality fiber. Again my advice is to seek professional advise. Like the Diamond , just because they may look the same, the different in quality performance style, longevity and naturality can be world a part.

Our next article will discuss Wig styling.

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  • Women hair loss, Wigs, Toppers, best wig stores in Ct., best wig store, Chemo wigs, Alopecia Wigs, W
  • Women hair loss, Wigs, Toppers, best wig stores in Ct., best wig store, Chemo wigs, Alopecia Wigs, W

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