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External Resources For Help With Medically Related Hair Loss

Updated: May 4, 2020

Medically Induced Hair Loss Resources

We at "The Wig Gallery" gratefully acknowledge the public and private organizations listed below for the time and assistance in providing resources to patients experiencing medically related alopecia, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

Alopecia Areata Foundation

An Alopecia awareness foundation that raises money for the funding of research, different treatments, public awareness programs, and government education.

Phone: 415.472.3780

The number will also provide you with alopecia support groups in your area.

American Cancer Society

An America based cancer support and advocacy group that provides informational materials, emotional support avenues for families and patients, and information on new breakthroughs.


Phone: 1800-ACS-2345

Cancer Care Inc.

An organization available for all cancer patients and their families that seeks to help them cope with the psychological and social consequences of cancer. Cancer Care Inc. offers counseling, support groups,education, and information.

phone: 1-212-302-2400

The Wellness Community

The Wellness Community Provides free psychological and social support to people fighting to recover from cancer in addition to conventional medical treatment.

Y-ME/ABCD Breast Cancer Support

Y-ME, or ABCD Breast Cancer Support offers cancer patients and their friends counseling, educational programs, and self-help meetings.


Phone: 1-800-221-2141

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  • Women hair loss, Wigs, Toppers, best wig stores in Ct., best wig store, Chemo wigs, Alopecia Wigs, W
  • Women hair loss, Wigs, Toppers, best wig stores in Ct., best wig store, Chemo wigs, Alopecia Wigs, W

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