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Accepting Yourself While Experiencing Natural or Chemo Induced Hair Loss.

Updated: May 4, 2020

The Wig Gallery Tampa Wethersfield
The Wig Gallery in Wethersfield and Tampa has helped many people find their way through this struggle by pairing them with high-quality, natural looking wigs

Coming to terms with alopecia ( the abnormal loss of hair) takes a lot of time, willpower, and sometimes tears. Whether it's due to aging, genetics, or cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, it's common for women of all backgrounds to feel uncomfortable with their new appearance.

We've helped many people find their way through this struggle by pairing them with high-quality, natural looking wigs. But cranial prostheses are only part of the solution. In order to fully accept hair loss, there some things that you must do.

Ask a Doctor Like an Oncologist or Dermatologist For Help

Your doctors can tell you a ton of information about your hair loss such as the rate of the loss and the possibility for regrowth. In the case of non-chemotherapy related hair loss, your doctor may be able to stop or even reverse the losses. Just because hair loss runs in your family, doesn't necessarily mean that your hair loss has to happen.

Talk To Your Family and Friends

Family and friends are there to help you get through the tough times. Talking to them can increase your self confidence, and keeps them feeling invested in your life. You don't have to go through this alone.

If you have kids, then it's even more important to talk to them about this, as they might be unnecessarily worried otherwise.

Get A Cute Short Cut

Alopecia can sometimes make you feel as if you have no control over your life. What better way is there to take back control and give alopecia the finger than by going to a barber and getting a cute, short haircut yourself?

It also makes the gradual balding process less scary, as losing small strands of hair is less traumatic than watching it come out in clumps.

Purchase A Cranial Prosthetic

Many women with alopecia feel that their femininity is diminished without their hair. Luckily, cranial Prosthetics (also known as wigs) are a fantastic way to preserve your feminine appearance and frequently change your look. Buying the proper cranial prosthetic can be difficult without help. Luckily, the Wig Gallery of Wethersfield offers professional styling and consultations that can help you find the wig that's right for you.

What are you waiting for, call us today!

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