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How Do I Wash my wig/ cranial hair prosthesis.

Updated: May 4, 2020

Heat resistant, hand tied hair prosthesis. The Wig Gallery
Washing Wig or Cranial Hair Prosthesis

This question comes up quite often on a daily base. the client first question after they purchased their wig /cranial hair prosthesis , how do i wash and care for my new wig.

We have a lot of information on line about the subject . In this post I will explain the simplest way how to do it.

First, wash your wig as least as possible,unless you use a lot of styling products.

The shampoo: I don't recommend any particular shampoo ,any good brand of sulfate free shampoo for human hair works just as well on many synthetic fibers has the so called shampoos for synthetic hair only.

This fibers don't have a cuticle like human hair does therefore any good shampoo will do.

Lets start. the best place to wash a wig is in your kitchen sink. Make sure that the water temperature is on the cool side, Wet the wig in a directional manner, take a small amount of shampoo and massage it in the fiber going in one direction, continue this till all the fibers including the base material is covered.

Rinse by making sure that the water flow is directed downward from top to bottom of the wig .

Make sure that you rinse it completely.

Place the wig inside a dry towel and gently blot the hair until you feel that most of the water is out.

I prefer to put my just washed wig on a tall glass or ceramic vase turned up side down , using this vase as a wig stand, instead of the traditional styrofoam head. This heads can stretch the base when the wig is wet.

The best results are achieved by allowing the fibers to air dry as much as possible.

When the fibers are almost completely dry, you can then use the blow dry on cool setting to complete the final styling.

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