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Insurance Information: How to File a Claim For Your Cranial Prosthesis

Updated: May 4

Healthcare Coverage will often cover the cost of Cranial Prosthesis

Insurance companies are realizing that cranial hair prostheses are a necessity for people who suffer from medicine related alopecia and chemotherapy. Many survivors can now have their wigs covered by insurance.

To have your hair prosthesis covered by your insurance, have your stylist fill out an invoice for a "Cranial Hair Prosthesis." Use these guidelines for filling out an insurance claim.

Check The Benefits of your insurance

Though many insurance companies cover prosthesis, some still do not. If your insurance covers cranial prostheses, there will be a section under "Covered Expenses" that relates to prostheses, prosthetic devices, or medical durable equipment.

Most Policies don't spell out exclusions, so pay attention to the coverage.

Get Your Complete Insurance Form Filled Out By Your Physician

Your Insurance form does not have validity until it receives the okay from your doctor.

Get Your Physician To Write A Prescription For a Full Cranial Hair Prosthesis (Not A Wig)

Your physician will write you a prescription for a cranial prosthesis the same way he would for any other medication. He will also include a letter explaining your hair loss and the effects. The idea behind this is that your cranial prosthesis is part of your treatment for emotional wellbeing, and isn't just for cosmetic purposes.


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