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Wigs, Cranial Hair Prosthesis, Hair Integration
Human Hair, Synthetic Hair, Cyber Hair, Chemo, Alopecia, Wigs.

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The newly remodeled Wig gallery Wethersfield

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Vincent Fabi

Vincent Fabi

Owner of the Wig Gallery in Wethersfield. Expert designer of Chemo,  Alopecia, Wigs, and Hair Prosthesis.

Vincent in an interview with YouTube Celebrity Lisa Maynard.
Tape in hair extensions video | How to apply and blend | short hair
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We understand hairloss

My new Wig Gallery division has completed my vision, by providing a new 3,300 sq. ft facility which is family owned and operated and offers a comfortable setting for consultations and evaluations in order to meet the clients personal appearance goals and individual needs.

Our facility include:



Offers custom, stock cranial hair prosthesis and medical wigs helping to live life beautiful with hairloss. Our products are specifically designed to mimic natural hair growth.
Our knowledge, compassion and attention to details is second to none.

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Full service hair loss, hair restoration center.
We provide the latest hair replacement solutions to help women’s and men needing hair restoration.
Our team also specializes in certified hair elongation and human hair extensions.

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  • Quality & Peace of mind     

  • Expert staff

  • Exclusive and extensive collection of high quality wigs and cranial hair prosthesis 

  • Our private collection includes a one year guarantee (ask for details)

  • Maintenance program (ask for details) 

  • Final cut & style by Master Stylist Vincent Fabi .

  • Scalp therapy treatment for the chemo and radiation client

  • These services are available on all wigs or cranial prosthesis that start at $499 and up


Please ask staff for guarantee details and exclusions 


"Breast cancer! Lose my hair! are you kidding me? What does one do when they first hear this???

Well I cried a bit, and then knew that wasn"t going to get me anywhere... but really!!!

I had to pick up the pieces and move forward strong! That very afternoon I called my Hairdresser and asked for advice on wig shopping... she is an amazing lady and I just knew she would point in the right direction.

I honestly didn"t Know where to start! Without hesitation she recommended me to The Wig Gallery of Wethersfield...Fabi of Rome. I checked their website... curiosity definitely peeked, and called them the very next day. I made an appointment for that morning... and met with the owner,

Vincent Fabi. He was just the dose of medicine I needed! Extremely Knowledgeable, beautiful selections of wigs, all price ranges very helpful with color selecting and style. He totally made me feel special!

I actually went back a week later and purchased a second wig. With the total price comes 6 visits to wash and freshen them up. That in it self is comforting...

They are beautiful quality wigs and I want someone who knows how to keep them looking the way the do now, forever!

Well today was the big day!
I no longer have my own hair... but love my new look. Very exciting moment... not crying anymore! I wish this type of TLC to all of you experiencing hair Loss. Just an amazing Experience.


"I  came  from Long Island , NY to find a wig after loosing my hair with chemo treatments.

I met Vincent who immediately showed compassion, and professionalism to me at my lowest point with this cancer I have.


Vincent showed me different wigs and guided me to the wig I bought.

He showed me how to wear it and care for it.

He also styled for me. I am thrilled with my 
purchase and service from him.


Vincent deserves much more than five stars. 

I cannot thank him enough.


Jean Pechin


"I came to Fabi before I started chemotherapy for breast cancer. Vincent created a beautiful style for the human hair wig and
I have never been happier with my hair.


Everyone I see comments on how beautiful my hair looks and no one knows I am going through chemotherapy!

This wig looks so wonderful I actually don’t want my old hair back!


I can never thank Vincent enough for making me feel so beautiful during such a difficult time in my life.

                                                          " J.F

 "Today was my first experience at Fabi of Rome, The Wig Gallery, and I have to say that my life changed fiscally and emotionally. I am fighting Lupis flare since February and was loosing my hair. It was very uncomfortable and I was getting a little depressed after all that.  After reading so many great reviews , I decided to go and visit Fabi Of Rome.

I saw Vincent and he is great ! Very professional, respectful and he really knows what he is doing. After a consultation, he helped me picked a fabulous natural wig. He cut the hair that I had left, and I left the office feeling totally different. He took the time to talk to me and explain me the options, no pressure at all ! It was easy for me to made a decision. seeing that I could trust his knowledge and in his 42 years experience.
I am looking forward to go back and visit him for my wig follow up. Thank you so much Vincent at Fabi of Rome, The Wig Gallery.


Yari Rivera

"TOP NOTCH: Vincent is a wonderful and honest person who has the highest professional standards.


The quality and care of his company have made me a loyal customer for nealy a decade.

Vincent the owner is of old school.

His word is his bond and he is honest and genuine. I recommend this company.



"This is my third visit to the Wig Gallery and each time I feel more comfortable and confident when I leave! I like Vincent and can't thank him enough for his generous time and patience!



Mary Haggett

The Wig Gallery of Wethersfield
Wethersfield, CT


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